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Post  oi_scout on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:18 pm

So, how goes it everyone. My name is Robert and i just moved here from cali. Make a long story short did 8yrs in the military and such got out went to school and now im here. Im currently in search of a rwd car that i can go sideways with. I have modded my fair share of vechiles from vr4's to speed6's, to celicas, etc. Did alot of canyon runs in cali, but im really interested in drifting have been for about 6yrs but never had the time to full invest in the sport. I hope to learn alot and meet alot of the local drifters here and do my fair share of work on cars as well. I wen to school to build trucks for the baja 1000. So im quite familiar with a tig /mig welder, and tube bending and such. I have built roll cages and done custom fabrication on cars as well. So if anyone needs my help feel free to ask. 805-832-7043. hit me up . hope to see you guys out there.


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